Speech Therapy Assistant Program

Speech Therapy Assistant Program in Williams Landing & North Melbourne

The Speech Therapy Assistant (STA) Program is a program overseen by a qualified, certified practising speech pathologist. The speech pathologist performs an assessment of the child, and prepares a speech therapy plan.

This therapy plan is demonstrated to the STA> The STA carries out the program once / fortnight, or once or twice a week in 45 minute sessions (booked at 60 minutes). The treating speech pathologist reviews the child regularly to ensure the child is meeting their goals.

Benefits of the STA program:

  • the child can get access to therapy more quickly
  • more cost-effective way of receiving therapy

Not every child will be eligible for the STA program. Currently, our STA program is recommended for children 4years and above with:

  • Speech Sound Difficulties
  • Literacy Difficulties
  • Stutters/Dysfluencies
  • Language Difficulties

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