Speech Pathology Assessment & Intervention

Speech Pathology Assessment & Intervention in Williams Landing & North Melbourne

We provide a variety of comprehensive speech pathology assessments. We always make a careful assessment of the presenting issue and any underlying root causes in order to structure for our clients the most efficient, cost-effective and successful program possible.

We assess and provide solutions and supports for infants, children and adolescents in the following areas:

speech sound difficulties,
language (including developmental language disorders),
social communication,
language difference vs language disorders (for bilingual/multilingual families),
augmentative and alternative communication (AAC),
and orofacial myology.

Our therapy sessions are conducted either individually or in groups.

A few of our therapists also speak another language, and we are all trained to assess children who are bilingual/multilingual and/or who come from bi-or multicultural families.

Assessments will include:

A detailed case history with parents or caregiver,
Gathering information about the child, from external key stakeholders (with parent permission),
Within session observations, and
Psychometric language or literacy assessments and/or
Language or literacy screeners

Speech Ease Intake

The intake process at Speech Ease is important to note for your family. We want to ensure we start off your journey with us on the right note, whether it is only for an assessment, or a long term commitment. Here is an easy to read infographic that details the 6 step intake process at Speech Ease:


All new clients to our practice will need to undergo an assessment with us. If you have had an assessment recently (up to six months prior to requesting for our services), we may not require a comprehensive new assessment.

A new client initial assessment will still be necessary as we need to ensure we gain a holistic picture of your child and understand the concerns and goals you have for them.

As a family centred practice, we aim to ensure parents’ concerns and goals are addressed and agreed upon in our discussions, in order to foster a collaborative relationship between the family and therapist.


If therapy is required, we will involve parents or key stakeholders in the child’s therapy through the following. You can expect that:

  • Email follow up will be sent to parents and/or school (with family’s permission) following each session
  • Home follow up will be reviewed in the next sessions
  • At the minimum, therapy goals and progress will be reviewed with parents on a termly (for clients on a weekly schedule) or semesterly basis (for clients on a fortnightly schedule).

Telehealth vs In person Services

Online or Telehealth services have been a core part of our service since the pandemic in early 2020. We have since delivered hundreds of telehealth assessment and therapy consultation services for individuals and groups. Our entire clinical team is highly trained and equipped to provide quality services via Telehealth.

We have found this mode of service delivery effective, efficient and recognise that it will continue to complement in person services when families are unable to physically attend sessions.

There is strong data and evidence to support Telehealth services within Speech Pathology, across various age groups and presentations.

NDIS funding and Medicare rebates can be used for speech pathology services delivered via Telehealth. For those wishing to access Private Health Insurance for online services, you will need to check with your provider.

See our Telehealth documents below:

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