Speech Ease Group Programs

We offer ongoing term groups and school holiday intensives that run all year round. To join our groups you will need to follow our intake and assessment process first, we will then inform you of which groups are suitable for your child to attend.

Social Communication Groups

We run social communication groups throughout the year. We place a strong emphasis on matching children or adolescents to peers with similar interests and language and cognitive skills. These social communication groups aim to facilitate fluid, interest based discussions and conversations, while also allowing some participants to practice their language skills in a more natural, interest led setting.

Our social communication groups are aimed to build on strengths and interests, and aimed to teach:

Self advocacy,
An understanding and awareness of one’s own reactions and emotions,
Perspective taking and how that differs
Self regulation, Self awareness
Problem solving skills
Figurative language

Literacy and Language Groups

Our literacy and language groups are tailored for children and adolescents with Developmental Language Disorders, Literacy Difficulties and Specific Learning Disorders. Our groups are grouped based on year levels, age levels, and at times also matched based on levels of proficiencies.

All our literacy groups will follow a systematic and synthetic phonics method or program, such as the Sounds-Write program. Other materials we use are: Sound Check, Multi Lit, Decodable Books, and step by step spelling. Clients will need to undergo various assessments with us first before getting matched to a group.

Parent Training Groups

We run Hanen parent training groups during the year as well.

Speech Ease Group Timetable

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