Pauline Gandel Children’s Gallery


The new Pauline Gandel Children’s Gallery at the Melbourne Museum is amazing!

What a wonderful space for children. Endless activities. Bright colours. Indoor and outdoor spaces. Most importantly, a great place to encourage language development.

This is one of the many activities there. We had so much fun talking about emotions and imitating the people’s faces.

Here are other ideas for this activity:
Talk about shapes (circle, square, triangle)
Talk about emotions
Imitate each other’s facial expressions
Feel the board and talk about how it is smooth or bumpy.

What activities did your child enjoy? Feel free to email us and ask us how we can use that to work on your child’s speech and language!

Tip: for children with sensory processing difficulties, you may want to visit this in the week day time where there are fewer children around. Also, there is an indoor climbing space that has low lighting and can be quite calming.

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