Vivian Wong

Meet our Therapy Assistant Vivian Wong

Vivian Wong

Therapy Assistant

Vivian is an experienced speech pathologist who had practiced in Hong Kong for many years. She obtained her degree in Bachelor of Science (Speech & Hearing Sciences) from the University of Hong Kong and had been working with paediatric clients with various speech and language difficulties since. She was also a clinical supervisor for students from the Master program of Speech Therapy of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She will be working as a speech therapist assistant while she gets her registration with the Speech Pathology Association Australia. She strongly advocates for early intervention and is particularly interested in working with young children with neurodiversity and Children Apraxia of Speech.

Vivian is a mum to a teenager and a pre-teen. She enjoys finding new recipes and cooking for the family. In her free time, Vivian likes doing Pilates, hiking and travelling. On top of English, she can speak Cantonese and a little Mandarin.

If Vivian could pick a superpower, it would be the power to sprinkle magic dust that could instantly make people feel loved. She believes love is the most powerful thing and everyone deserves to enjoy the beauty of it.

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