Miriam Abagia

Meet Speech Pathologist Miriam Abagia

Miriam Abagia

Speech Pathologist

Miriam is an experienced Certified Practising Speech Pathologist who is committed to delivering a fun, evidence-based, child and family focused service. Miriam has worked in private practice, and the public school system prior to her Team Leader role at Speech Ease, She believes that every child has strengths that can be built upon and strives to grow their communication skills through individualised goals and intervention.

A quote that resonates with Miriam is ‘Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve done before’ (Bonnie Blair).

If ever you are looking for something to talk to Miriam about, be sure to mention composting and worm-farming. Miriam loves being in the garden and would happily chat for hours about what you are doing in your backyard.

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