Danielle Turner

Meet Senior Speech Pathologist Danielle Turner

Danielle Turner

Speech Pathologist

Danni is an experienced certified practicing speech pathologist. She believes children need to enjoy therapy to successfully build upon their strengths, and endeavours to provide this through fun play based and evidence supported practice. Danni is a patient and warm therapist with a passion for working with autistic toddlers and children. She has a particular interest in helping parents to enhance their connection with their children to support them in reaching their goals.

Outside of work, Danni is a mum to two teenagers and spends most of her spare time at a basketball court either as a parent, a volunteer, or laughing her way through playing a game with other basketball mums.

If Danni could wish for any super power it would be a photographic memory so that she could quickly absorb and recall important information. A quote Danni tries to live by is “Young people need models not critics” – John Wooden

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