Cheryl Ye

Meet Speech Pathologist Cheryl Ye

Cheryl Ye

Speech Pathologist

Cheryl is an experienced Certified Practising Speech Pathologist. She has a broad range of personal and professional experiences. Having lived in different continents and cities, Cheryl has been immersed in a diverse range of cultures and languages. Cheryl believes in using a strengths based, family and child centred, collaborative approach to working with children.

Additionally, Cheryl enjoys working with developing communities, growing and leading teams, and contributing to the profession through running professional development talks, supervision, mentoring and career guidance.

A superpower that can radically change Cheryl’s life is speed reading; she wants to quickly absorb all the information in her ever growing list of must-read books!

A quote that grounds her is from the beautiful book The Moonflower Monologues, “Dance with the wise, stand for what’s true, for when the wild things come, your heart knows what to do.”

Cheryl also enjoys spending time with her husband and three children, and volunteering regularly at church.

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