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Meet The Speech Ease Speech Pathology Team

We think our team is pretty special. We go above and beyond for one another and are always looking for ways to add value to our clients and create the best experiences together.

Speech Ease | Robyn Pereira

Robyn Pereira

Practice Manager

Robyn is our amazing Practice Manager who is hard at work ensuring that the ‘behind the scenes’ of our office run smoothly.

Robyn has extensive experience in executive support and office management roles, she is highly organised and attentive to detail. She ensures that our processes and procedures are followed to allow our therapist to focus on their clients. She is also often assisting parents and the reception team by answering their queries, and if required will research so she can find the answers!

Robyn is a Mum of two children and understands how daunting appointments / some journeys can be. She is passionate about making every visitor to our clinic feel supported.

If Robyn was able to be an animal for a day she would love to be either a Tiger or a dolphin.

One of Robyn’s loved quotes is “There is a place for everything, and everything in its place…”

Speech Ease | Melanie Correira

Melanie Correia

Client Experience Manager

Melanie is our Client Experience Manager, ‘Chief Heart Officer’ and social media guru. You may have seen our socials and the colourful, funny clips where we share our knowledge and showcase our team culture.
Melanie has over 20 years experience in customer service, business administration and reception positions in a vast range of environments.

She has also undertaken studies in a Diploma of Nursing because of her passion to take care of everyone, which has given her exposure to the Allied Health Sector and experience in caring for people with complex needs and language difficulties. Melanie has also spent some time as a Nanny, looking after children with ASD, behavioural disorders and anxiety.

Melanie is a Mum of 2 primary aged children and can empathise with the challenges that may arise in finding the right solution to navigate life’s little hurdles. Her warm and friendly nature makes it easy for clients to approach her with any queries they may have.

The one thing she can’t live without is donuts and if she could choose to have one superpower it would be healing.

Her favourite quote is “ Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up.”

Georgia Kirby

Client Experience Officer

Georgia is our friendly receptionist, with over 5 years in reception and administrative positions. She has also completed a Bachelor of Arts and Commerce, majoring in psychology and marketing respectively.

This has provided her with the knowledge and skills in working in stressful and fast paced environments, as well an understanding of human emotion and behaviour. As a result, Georgia has a high attention to detail and is empathetic when engaging with clients.

Georgia is enthusiastic and attentive, and is always ready to chat about new movies or books with anyone who comes in the clinic.

Georgia would choose to gain the superpower of invisibility, that way she could disappear whenever she wanted and get into places she might not usually be able to.

The topic she could talk for hours about is Harry Potter; she has loved the book series since she was really little!

Ying Huang

Client Experience Officer

Ying is a friendly receptionist with over 5 years of customer service experience. She holds a bachelor of business accounting and ran her own business for 4 years. This gave her opportunities to develop her interpersonal skills, and has provided her with the ability to communicate with people from many different cultures and backgrounds. Ying speaks English, fluent Mandarin and some Cantonese.

Ying is enthusiastic and attentive, and is always ready and happy to chat about anything with anyone who comes to the clinic. She is also a Mum and adores all the children that cross her path.

If Ying was to have a super power she would have language genius because she would love to be able to communicate with everyone no matter where they are from.

Shondrah White

Client Experience Officer

Shondrah has over 20 years’ experience in administration and 7 years in aged care. Her caring and empathetic nature ensures that all of our clients receive the nurturing experience they deserve and she loves to assist anyone with their queries.

Shondrah is a big kid at heart and has 2 children of her own who are in primary school. She would love to add to her list of countries visited and travel more of the world with her family. She has a special interest in adventure and people from all walks of life. Shondrah enjoys hearing people’s story and what makes them who they are.

If Shondrah could choose a superpower it would be to learn every language in the world. This would enable her to travel anywhere and chat to anyone along the way.

Anna Luhrs

Client Experience Officer

Anna is one of our friendly Client Experience Team members, as well as our Speech Therapy Assistant. Anna has over 8 years’ experience in administration and customer service settings. Her warm and caring manner contributes to our family-centred environment where families can feel supported and understood.

Anna is also one of our therapy assistants, currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) at La Trobe University. She is passionate about working with children and being able to assist families to achieve their goals in collaboration with our lead clinicians.

If Anna could pick one superpower to gain for the day it would be the ability to fly, so she can experience the thrill of flying through the sky and seeing the world from above. Outside of work, you’ll find Anna walking new hiking trails, baking yummy treats and exploring Melbourne’s food scene.

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