Christmas Fun – Language Stimulation and Engagement Ideas!


By Simone Hui, Speech Pathologist

Christmas is around the corner! We are so excited to share some festive and fun family bonding activities with lots of language and communication opportunities. These activities can also be easily modified to suit your child’s development.

Putting up Christmas decorations and Decorating Christmas tree

Where do you put it? At the top, middle, bottom, next to, under, between

Shapes and colours of ornaments
Gold, star, diamond, round-shaped, bell-shaped


  • Nouns: star, light, candle, wreath, stocking, gift, snowman, reindeer, ornaments
  • Verbs: put up, set up, hang, hook, tie, wrap, decorate
  • Adjectives: shiny, bright, sparkly, colourful, glittery, sharp

Answering ‘wh’ questions

  • What do we need?
  • Who is putting the Christmas tree topper on?
  • Where should we hang Christmas lights?
  • When is Christmas?
  • Why do we celebrate Christmas?

Requesting and asking for help

  • “Can I hang the Christmas stockings?”
  • “Mum can you help me please…?”

Arts and Crafts/Making Christmas cookies

Following directions
“First paint your popsicle stick red, then draw the face of your Santa Claus.

Increasing sentence length and providing specific information
Decorate your paper roll Christmas tree by adding pom poms and glitter.

Recall and Expressive language
After making the Christmas cookie, get your child to retell you the process themselves. Alternatively, you can guide them to write out the steps involved. For example, “First we need to …Then…Next…After that…At last…”.

Be creative and enjoy trying out different Christmas ideas – we would also love to hear from you other fun ideas or experience that you might have had with your kids.

Finally, we wish you a Merry Christmas!!

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